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Events are a part of life. Everyday is an event that eventually leads us to new horizons, and show us the way we want to see our world. We at video Tailor make sure you bookmark all your events and share an everlasting memory with them. Be it wedding, birthday or any other special day in your life get your invites done by us.

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Details About The Video

Video will be delivered in Whatsapp video format on your email. Length of the video: Change of music is possible.


How to place the order ?

1. Select The Required Delivery Options and the additional options. Additional versions mean, version from groom side or bride side or additional version after adding or deleting one or more events from the original invite. 2. A form will be shared with you to submit your details that will reach to our editing team. 3. They will share the screenshots with you for approval before delivering the final video. 4. Once the screenshots are approved, then the final video will be shared to download. Download link will expire in 15 days.

Delivery Process & Changes

You can view your order after logging to your account or on the VideoTailor Client app. Screenshots will be shared for your approval before giving the final video. Once the screenshots are approved, and video is delivered, further changes will be chargeable. You will be able to download the video within 15 days of its delivery. Please view this video for complete walkthrough from placing the order to final delivery.